Friday, November 14, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire - 'I' review

And well though its not really a review ....just some thoughts.
Ok ...coming back to the point......Saw the movie today finally .....
So 'I' = 'me'
Is it worth the hype? Well more of 'yes' and some 'no' - 

Yes for the sheer brilliance in which raw India has been captured.
Yes for the vibrant colors and wonderful camera work.
Yes for the amazing cast selection and the brilliant potrayals of their roles by each character.
Yes for the storyline (mind u ..if u think this is an exact adaptation of QnA, you might be in for a surprise)
Yes for Danny Boyle - if it hadn't been for ARR, the name Danny Boyle would still have made me go watch this movie
And of course the biggest Yes for ARR - A thumping, pulsating score worth every bit in gold (my opinion) - Jai Ho is wonderful and so are the bits and pieces of bgm's and other songs thrown in between.

A mild No - for editing (feel the editing could have been a better, made the movie a little more crispier)
A mild No - because ..probably its something that captivates the rest of the world (the fascination ..that is India) more than it might do us Indians (brickbats please)

Is it a recommended watch - Yes ..defnitely though I would have loved to hear more ARR stuff in there.
After all...ain't that what we Rahmaniacs wish for.



Anu said...

ok, I was kinda apprehensive about this movie.. As you said I sometimes hate the way non Indians potray india .. btw where's the ghajini review ?

True Blue Rahmaniac said...

Completely agree. It wasn't so new to me, but got goosebumps every time there was music being played. Esp "Riots".