Thursday, December 20, 2007

The World of Music ....

I write after eons ...and it feels nice. There is so much to write about but I think I can only get myself to write about music - cause thats what truly drives me.

Its amazing how lost I am in the world of music - and more so in the music of one man ...A R Rahman - that I tend to ignore (and no qualms about it) almost anyone else. Nothing ..really nothing compares to the music of this man and nothing probably ever will. Quite simply - nothing can. If there is God or if you can experience God....then for me ..thats this man's music. For now I just wait for Jodha Akbar (the next offering ...)

Neway - a colleague of mine gave me a CD to listen to.

Turns out the artist is his brother and is quite a star in Nepal - Tsujil Karmacharya - the name. The album - his first solo release called "BHUMO". He is a music arranger, singer, guitarist (add modeling as one more feather to his cap).

I then heard the CD. Like I said - in my world of music - simply its Rahman and then others (they all fall in the category of others). Well in the category of others ...Tsujil has gained a high rank - a really high rank.
I think I am a hard person to impress and very tough critic when it comes to music. But this guy has done that quite easily. He has impressed me so much that I want to recommend him to Rahman.

I dont understand a word of Nepali (thats what the songs are in) - not even a single word - but the songs rock. The music ...the vocals, the guitaring, the layering - absolutely everything rocks. Each and every song is different - from pure rock to soft soothing numbers - this man does a fabulous job of everything. You can view the title song of this album here.

Will have a write up of all the songs soon. For now though ....the song in the link above should tell you what I am raving about.