Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Of Reservations, Music and Life ...

India and Reservation go a long way back - 1991 I thought was Phase 1 but today I learnt that some states have practised it for years .

Phase 2 is now - for the past 2 months, the country has been embroiled in a deep muddle about the increase in reservations for backward classes - another example of the pure crappy vote-bank politics in the ever corrupt Indian politics. Sitting here and writing about it - what do I acheive and what do I do - nothing - but then, felt I should at least write something about it ......while students all over India participate in protests and strikes (hunger strikes too) over this. Will anything happen out of these protests - the reservation bill has been passed and the courts have ordered the striking medicos and engineering students to stop the strikes and forget this ....

A sad story this ....want to write more and vent out my frustrations at whats happening but this blog might not be enough to write about the things that are wrong about this matter and other such matters in India(and the world).

Since there still is no news from the Rahman camp - I continue to explore as always ....
Have heard some pretty interesting stuff over the past few days:

African Groove and Women of Africa -
Two albums which I didn't have the slightest of inkling as to how good they would be - easy listening one of them and other music to groove. Even if u don't understand a thing of what they say, its interested and quite good to hear :-)

Toto - Falling in Between
A really good album again. This group has always written songs with a social cause mainly for Africa. The pick of the album is - 'Bottom of Your soul'

Def Leppard - Yeah
A tribute album to what the group liked in their early years. So its all covers of old songs ...
So So ...

A Pakistani group, I guess - heard some songs from one of their albums. Quite impressive I must say but I must admit that many of the Pakistani groups sound the same. I read that certain Indian music directors have ripped off music from this groups songs.

Fire - A.R. Rahman
Ya Ya ..its an old one and I have heard this long time back - though got hold of a copy only some days back and so hearing it again.

Its so unpredicatable - as over 5000 people and their relatives in the city of Java,Indonesia found out.
this unpredicatability(is that a word??) - it will catch up with everyone someday ...


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


A shining new black 60 GB Ipod Video was handed over to me as a gift by my gal.
thank u lady ......

Rahman and Rock on iPod now .....

(shud have written this 2 weeks back but better late then never)


Monday, May 01, 2006

Musically Bored ........

Feel bored today. Suddenly even music is boring.....

- Heard the new album by Goo-Goo dolls-Let Love in
gud one but am bored of that

- Heard the new self-titled album by Pearl-Jam
ok one ...but am bored of that too..

- Heard a new Mallu movie OST-Rasathantram - Illayaraja
ok one ....but am bored of that too

- Fanaa and Krishh
mentioning them since I heard them this week

as expected - both of them are boring too ....

- Heard Uyir by Joshua Sridhar-couple of songs are ok ...
but am beginning to get bored of that too

- Little bored of Rahman too :-(

So as you can see really bored right now .....
and now u must be bored of this blog too ...

Pray to god that when I get up tomorrow morning ....
a new Rahman album is out for me to hear and be 'Unbored':-)

time though to