Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sivamani concert ....Bay Area ...Jul 5th

Sivamani concert ...July 5th ..Marriott San Ramon ..


Thursday, May 29, 2008

A cool composition

A good one ...the second part is really cool ..


A sad BART Commuter

To the SF BART representatives ....

I have tried all means of trying to communicate my grievances about the problems on the Fremont-Hayward line since the past few weeks. But I dont think I have yet received any satisfactory explanation to how a sub-station problem like the one that occured on May 11th - can take 2 months to repair in today's age and specially when the BART ridership is at an all time high.

To-date since May 11th
-- I have seen at least 3 people faint on the train thanks to the sweltering heat and the crowds
-- I have noticed people lose temper thanks to the packed crowds (and tensions thanks to that)
-- As a daily commuter from Fremont from SF - I have travelled around 10-15 times standing all the way (the other times I hav avoided by travelling back all the way upto 16th Street from Embarcadero to get a seat)
-- Have got up at least 3 times to give someone my seat (mostly ladies or old people)-- Erratic timings of trains (trains from Fremont to SFO leave at any arbit times - its impossible to plan anything)

All this given that Fremont and Union City have probably the largest community of BART riders. These days people beyond Union City dont stand a chance of getting a seat (sometimes not even people from Union City).

It almost feels like no one cares as to what happens to commuters on the Fremont line. As it is we had trains only once every 15 mins even thats an old story ..a luxury ... I have tried speaking to BART employees at stations and also called the BART Customer Service line but everyone seems so apathetic to our plight.

I sincerely hope that something is done to address the concerns of thousand of riders like me.


Holding India ransom easy

Its one group one day ...its some other group the other day .....the latest being the Gujjar community. Strikes, protests, bandhs .....are the order of the day and its just so stir up something

I just dont get the idea of reservations and quotas. Do these people purposely want to demean themselves by getting themselves classified as 'SC'/'ST' just to get way with an easy life thanks to quotas et al. ?

I abhor the Indian govt and its vote-band politics for having even started paying attention to such matters. All the Mandal commisions and gujjars and whatever the $%^k these folks want ......Come on guys !!!! Are other people idiots ....are folks from poor families who dont belong to the 'ELITE' SC/ST tribes fools to slog for their daily bread and a decent life????? Why the heck should there be difference?? Life is tough ....and accept that rather than resorting to such dirty and pathetic tactics of bandhs and rail-roko craziness ..just to get away from HARD WORK !!!!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A double whammy !!!!

I bow before thee...oh Lord of music ....ARR (A R Rahman)

The first Monday of this week ..May 19th - music buffs or in this case Rahmaniacs like me have been treated to a double whammy of sorts ....(to rahmaniacs - its called blessings in disguise) - two ARR albums released ....this day

ADA and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - Each of them brilliant and each of them show in their own way why this man is unarguably the best ever that ever was ...that ever is and that ever will be.

Detailed reviews and comments to follow .....for now am just immersed in the magic that this man has created in these 2 albums ...


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some numbers .....a thought

China quake - 32,477 people with 220,109 injured (official figures)
Myanmar - death toll in Myanmar range from 68,833 and 127,990 (official figures)
The several hundred proxy and civil wars being fought on almost every corner of the earth this very instant ...lets add another several thousand ....shall we ?

Within a span of a week or two ....200,000 people wiped out from the surface of the earth ....and more dissappearing the minute ....

I guess these numbers (and such incidents) have ceased to shock us anymore

On a different note ....guess Life is too cheap these days ....(Oil and other expenses are not)
Battles for Oil ....for power .....and well nature and its quirks are playing their part too ..

Whats this world coming to ????


Saturday, May 03, 2008

The coming weeks are really muziqqqal.....

They are going to be a blast ..musically ....

Starting off with a 'Elbow' concert on the 8th to the KFOG Kaboom (Collective Souls) on May 10th and then onto next week when two of A R Rahman's soundtracks are releasing (as per latest reports ..13th and the 15th). I can't even remember the last time when two ARR albums came out this close to each other .....

Wow !!!!!!