Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some numbers .....a thought

China quake - 32,477 people with 220,109 injured (official figures)
Myanmar - death toll in Myanmar range from 68,833 and 127,990 (official figures)
The several hundred proxy and civil wars being fought on almost every corner of the earth this very instant ...lets add another several thousand ....shall we ?

Within a span of a week or two ....200,000 people wiped out from the surface of the earth ....and more dissappearing the minute ....

I guess these numbers (and such incidents) have ceased to shock us anymore

On a different note ....guess Life is too cheap these days ....(Oil and other expenses are not)
Battles for Oil ....for power .....and well nature and its quirks are playing their part too ..

Whats this world coming to ????



Anu said...

I just saw the chinese parents shedding tears on their childrens photo in schezuan province. The reason the school fell so quickly was due to the cheap building material!! Isnt that ironical that the officials thought they could save money over the safety of life?