Friday, August 17, 2007

15 is

I dont quite remember when Roja was released. When it released,I didn't know who starred in it. I didn't quite know who Mani Ratnam was. When it released, I didn't understand a word of Tamil and I think I saw Tamil movies just because they had some good stunts in them and because occasionally ..thanks to my sister, I knew that Illayaraja came out with some good tunes.

So when Roja released and in Delhi - all we got was a Video cassette - thats what we played on our brand new VCP. The audio obviously was not great but the only thing I noticed in that movie was the music (my folks understand Tamil but back then as a 12 year old was blissfully unaware of that language). Then again - it was just naturally assumed to be Illayaraja. Next day before returning the Cassette, I rewinded the cassette and heard the songs again (I did not care to check who the music director was). Wow ...I liked them.

That was my first rendevous with the magical world of Rahman. A few days later, I guess it was through my sis's friend that I heard the music director's name - 'A R Rahman'.

15 years from then .....Who would have thought that

a) I would live and breath his music and his spirit.
b) Or that, I would have a Blog dedicated primarily to write about him and his music
c) Or that in my music player - I would have a Genre called 'Rahmanic'
d) Or that I will have each and every song that he ever composed.
e) Or that, I would never get bored of his music
f) Or that yet despite all of the above being true, I still haven't said enough about why I respect and adore this man and his music.

Well ....15 years and countless songs later, the essence of the man's music has not changed. His personality, his grace and his humility have not changed. What has changed is the number of people he has entranced and captivated and inspired.

Salutations to the music ....and the magic .....and his humility and all that he stands for. Salutations to A R Rahman and congratulations on completing 15 years in the movie world.

He has spent much more time though making music ...... So probably the congratulations should be for me for having completed 15 years (the association with his music :-))


Friday, August 10, 2007

School of Rock .....

The 2nd post in a day I smoking or what .....

But ..just had to .....really ...just had to write about this movie .....'School of Rock'
I might have seen this movie 4-5 times but its playing again now and here I am - hooked on again ...watching the movie ...and writing this blog .....

The movie is about a guy who is a die-hard rock freak and who wants to keep it alive. The hope comes in the form of a class in a school where he is supposedly teaching mathematics (under an assumed teacher profile). From a maths class and nerdy kids to a Rock group who eventually almost win a rock contest - this movie is about that transformation ....and the passion in Rock .....and the fervour to keep it alive.

Jack Black an actor who personifies incredible energy and passion. There is something about him and Rock music. It seems he indeed in real life too is a die-hard rocker - Has sung a couple of covers and even has an album out. An amazing energy is what he brings out on the screen no matter what he enacts.

One interesting trivia about this movie - The Immigrant Song (Led Zep) was for the first time allowed in a movie Soundtrack - it seems the kids and Black pleaded and requested at lenght for the rights for this song ...

I highly recommend this movie to not just Rock maniacs - but to absolutely anybody who loves music ...or who just wants to have a Fun time :-)


A third of us live on Rs 20 a day ....

Though I am not going to speak too much about this - I guess this was always known or at least I believed that the Indian growth that we hear about ...was superficial. A few rich people ...who get richer by the day. Agreed that the quality of life has improved for a lot of people. Agreed that now we get all "Imporrrrrted' stuff back at home itself and and agreed that we have Starbucks, Walmart ...right at our threshold - but the comman man ...his life still a struggle.