Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blue and the story of the two 'Elbows'

Blue October now has officially received their stamp of approval from my stable - whether or not they want it is another question ....

I recently retreived yet another album of theirs - goes by the name of 'History for Sale'. Listening to this - what can quite easily be said is that these folks easily make it to my Top 10 of all times. The list which is headed by a certain Mr. ARR (Dil Se playin on my Ipod currently) is a formidable one which probably the top 5 would be just Mr. ARR :-) (a hopelessly biased me) - Floydd, Collective Souls, Led Zep would figure there too. Being in this list is a tough ask ....but these guys probably have managed to enter this list.


Because ...they rock ...the lead vocals are amazing ..their bass usage rocks ...their use of violin is amazing ....they experiment ..and because ..their lyrics are also equally amazing.
And because I have 3 of their albums and I would give them almost 7 to 8 out of 10 on all of them.

Blue October - welcome to the list

The two Elbows

a) Elbow - a Brit, Manchestor, UK based band is another band I am hooked onto lately. Again, great experimental sounds, awesome bass usage and ofcourse great lyrics. Hearing their new album 'Seldom Seen Kid' and hv been hooked onto it for the past 2 weeks or so.
In fact, I am going to their concert into 2 weeks time (8th May, SFO) .yippieeee

b) My Elbow - has been in a terrible state of affairs lately - thanks much to the Tennis game on 'Wii'. Bought a Wii some weeks back and ever since then I have been non-stop at Tennis. No wonder ...I am having a torrid time with my elbow ...(is this whats called a 'Tennis Elbow' ???)