Friday, October 27, 2006

A genre called 'Rahmanic'

Theres Classic, theres Psychedelic, theres Alternative, theres Carnatic, theres Hindustani and countless more .....

And then theres Rahmanic ....I guess its more than fair enough to say that its a Genre in itself many times have you ended up saying that this sounds like Rahman or that its that Rahman flavor .....countless number of time I guess ....

So heres to 'Rahmanic' ...definitely a Genre now and definitely the best sound for my ears.
I write this on the day I feel that I now am in the possesion of almost each and every track that the man has ever composed (thanks to a friend, who himself is a great A R Rahman fan)


Friday, October 20, 2006

A flying India visit, music and more ...

Yet again, its been more than a month since my last post .....
A Chicago visit, an India visit and now back to SFO - thats what happened in the past one month.

The India visit was a really ...really.... short one - 15 days of which more than 2 days were spent flying to n fro from India. As for the days in India itself, the split goes like this
Bangalore - 4 days,
Delhi - 2 days,
Kerala - 1 day
Chennai - the remainder of my days with my folks

So I was flying and going around in taxis even in my flying visit to India - whew !!!! Now I need a vacation after a vacation ..I feel ...

I certainly need to write a lot about India which I will for sure in the coming days. The so called economic growth and industrialization and all that crap ....but not in this post. (having read the last line, u must surely know what the tone of my writing would be ...)

The Music scene has been really dull recently. Blame it partly on Rahman who has so few releases and blame it partly on the other music artistes who are as bland as ever.

While in India, I did manage to hear some new classical stuff which I did end up buying. Nothing great but music for the music starved ears. Picked up a couple of Malayalam and Hindi stuff too - again nothing great to write about at length here .... (except the old Hindi movie album 'Dhoop' - which probably has some of the best Ghazals and compositions I hv ever heard)

Got the DVD of RDB (Rang De Basanti) for dirt cheap ...there was a special offer while I was in India .....really a steal at Rs. 199.
Got the DVD of Alaipayuthe too - thats for my gal - its her favorite movie ....

Saw two new Hindi movies which deserve a mention here ...

Khosla ka Ghosla
An amazing movie with no real stars except Boman Irani and Anupam Kher - have to rate this as one of the best comic movies I have seen in the recent past. A must see.

A poignant and touching tale of 2 women (its inspired from a Mallu movie - which I heard was inspired by a book - Inspirations galore ....) . The star of the movie was undoubtedly Iqbal a.k.a Shreyas Talpade - boy !!!!! this guy is a startling revelation - an amazing mimic and an original actor nevertheless (which the movie 'Iqbal' brought out brilliantly).

Day to Day Life
gas prices are back to normal, SFO weather has been amazing this week, its Diwali today/tomorrow, its Friday today, got my car washed yesterday, reading a Jefferey Archer after a loooooong time (cat o nine tales) , listenin to music all the time, watching Chunking Express and working .....