Monday, March 31, 2008

Rocking along ....Blue October

When I am not lost in the world of ARR, it has to be rock that keeps me going. Good rock ...good music ..though is hard to come by these days ....occasional flashes of brilliance here and there but most fade away ....

Anyway ...I hope Blue October (the reason for this post) is not something that falls into the above category ...

I first heard these guys on the VH1 countdown - their song "Into the Ocean" was what caught my attention. Some googling and some myspace page lead me couple of other songs by these guys ...and I was hooked on. Poppish Rock or Alternative if I can classify them as ...these folks as I understand are from Houston, Texas (which again is weird since they sounds European to the core). "Foiled" is their latest album (released 2007) and for which these guys were touring - and that's when I got a chance to attend their show at the Filmore,SF. A fantastic decision I must say - to go an watch these guys ...coz. it was just an amazing concert.

More recently though - I went bac in time to find some of their old albums and stepped on 'Consent To treatment' - i think an album from way back in 2000. Yet again ...dont think I did anything wrong ...these folks are incredible in that album too.

There's a couple of more albums of theirs that I guess I need to locate. Probably after that I can authoritatively say whether these guys are just a flash in the pan or not. I hope not ...cause I do really like their music. Its refreshing ...its new ...its good ...and its Rock.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

India blues

I don't hate India
I don't hate Indian people

But I definitely hate whats happening to India - the result of the so called 'Economic boom' ...where along with increase in money that people have ..with the increase in affluence....there has been a proportional and corresponding decrease in realisation of social responsibilities ....abysmal changes in people's attitudes and deplorable state of civic and living conditions (well everyone has swanky cars and plush homes ...but what about the roads and public properties and roads)

More on this later but for now a pic from a recent India trip

More gory pics can be viewed thru the following link :-)