Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yuvraaj is a classic

Day 1

Act 1:
a BART ride to SFO (workplace) ...Yuvraaj songs on iPod.

Song 1 skip,
Song 2 ....2 mins, skip,
Song 3 -45 secs skip,
Song 4 Kinda Ok ,
Song 5 ...kinda Ok ,
Song 6 ...good but could have been better.
Song 7 - Ok,
Song 8 - Good,
Song 9 ...remix ...yuck ...

General thought. Songs are just ok. What's happened to ARR this time around.
End of BART ride - nah ...this album aint that good.

Act 2:
Login into ARR Yahoo group - post your first thoughts and dimiss the album complaining about Lyrics, music being too techno. Weak album, Shanno Shanno - terrible song....blah ..blah ..blah

Act 3:
Lets give it another try....
After all its an ARR album.
Ok - it sounds better - hmm songs are not that bad.
End of Day - have already heard the album close to 5 times and can't stop listening to it

Day 2 to the present day
Same Act repeated in a loop ....
Yuvraaj is on repeat mode with some occasional breaks (for charging iPod, hearing a new rock act discovery callled the Annuals) but nah ...back to Yuvraaj.

That in a nutshell is what has happened with this album. There is little doubt that ARR's music is slow poison but that it was this poisonous is something that I didnt realise.

A detailed review to follow ......all I can say for now is that I have to go back and drown further into this magician's world.

ARR - you rock and yet again I feel blessed to be born in the same era as you and to be able to appreciate the world that you have introduced me and countless others to.

Thank you sire.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Defeated ...tormented ...dejected

After a horrendous and bloody battle with the icici direct website for the past 1 hr and 15 minutes ...even with advanced weaponary such as comcast high speed network, wireless connectivity, direct ethernet connection, vpn access (through wsgc network), I have failed. I submit ....I submit to the power ...to the will ...to the might of the ICICI network.

it was a one-sided affair in which I was thrown out inexplicably - innumerous times - I was given the 'page not found' many times and I was left teary-eyed ....most of the times.

the war is over ..icici has won yet again.

I will now retire into the loneliness ...to the dark of the night and sleep ...a tormented soul shall now sleep.