Monday, October 13, 2008

Defeated ...tormented ...dejected

After a horrendous and bloody battle with the icici direct website for the past 1 hr and 15 minutes ...even with advanced weaponary such as comcast high speed network, wireless connectivity, direct ethernet connection, vpn access (through wsgc network), I have failed. I submit ....I submit to the power the will the might of the ICICI network.

it was a one-sided affair in which I was thrown out inexplicably - innumerous times - I was given the 'page not found' many times and I was left teary-eyed ....most of the times.

the war is over ..icici has won yet again.

I will now retire into the loneliness the dark of the night and sleep ...a tormented soul shall now sleep.



Anu said...

Poor you.. maybe its just the battle.. war is yet to be won :D