Sunday, November 19, 2006


Two days, saw Casino Royale (the new bond is pretty decent), drove around, hogged like anything, slept like a log, surfed the net, watched some tennis, forgot everything about the place called gym.. didn't go for jogging, didn't play anything ....i look bac and this is what i see :-( ..aaaaaaarghhhh !!!!!

the one gud thing that i did though, heard guru over and over and over .....all the while
the verdict is clear ...rahman rocks ...yet again :-)


Friday, November 17, 2006

Guru ...

The promos were great, the song bits were great and now the album, its as good as it can get.

Just 4 hrs since I laid my hands on this album and I guess I have been hearing it in a loop ever since ....

'Tere Bina' takes you to a world where you have rarely been - specially Rahman's voice ....and the vocal interludes and the lyrics. The orchestration so simple and yet so wonderful - each instrument has its own stellar role to play. Just reinforces my belief, that I am blessed to born in the age of probably the greatest ever musician.

'Aye Hairathe' - Its a long time since I heard Hariharan's voice blending so much into a song and making it heavenly. Yet again, just simple orchestration but the rythm, lyrics and again the genious of Rahman sparkles in this song.

'Barso Re' - Probably the fastest number in the album and its a joy. Rahman brings back the flute in this album - and there cudn't be a happier person to hear it than me :-). A typical Rahmanic fast peppy number this with great rythm beats - yet again the vocal interludes are amazing.

'Jaage Hain' - Want some inspration - want a song to lift ur spirits when you are down ? Want some wonderful orchestration ? Want a great song ? This is the one for u .....Rahman's voice yet again ...breaks into the song at around 3:00 mins into the song ....(before which is just music)

'Mayya' - An arabi or a turkish mix song ....this song is currently rising up by charts (will update this space later). Its a wonderful number nevertheless.

'Ek Lo Ek Muft' - Bappi Lahiri has sung this situational song pretty well. Rahman's music is experimental but is awesome. The instruments used in this song again puzzle me. I am hearing sounds which I can't even associate to any instrument I have heard before.

'Jaage Hain' - This song also is in the process of rising up on my charts (will update this space later).

Somehow I feel that the previous associations of Rahman and Mani Ratnam have been probably in a different league (better ?), but its still early days to comment (hardly 4 hrs since I laid my hands on this album). And I may very well eat my words soon. Its growing like the beanstalk in Mr. jack's story , the music ...the thrill ...

Rahman ...yet another album ...yet another winner ....and at the end of the day, the winner is yet again Music and music crazy fans like me.

The wait now for the movie ....


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Baba O'Riley

Don't cry
Don't raise your eye
It's only teenage wasteland ......

and thats couple of lines from the song Baba O'Riley of the songs that contributed to the growth of my musical appetite and ultimately turning me into an absolute rock fannnnnn.

The band - "The Who" and I saw them live this past Wednesday. The Who rocked the HP Pavillion at San Jose. Die hard rock folks won't need an introduction to this band who has been to an extent responsible for shaping the face of a genre of music. The list of their hits is just innumerable and they played just about all of their key hits at the concert.

i thank my luck that I was able to witness this event .......unfortunately though, no pics from the event since cameras and recorders were not allowed.