Sunday, November 19, 2006


Two days, saw Casino Royale (the new bond is pretty decent), drove around, hogged like anything, slept like a log, surfed the net, watched some tennis, forgot everything about the place called gym.. didn't go for jogging, didn't play anything ....i look bac and this is what i see :-( ..aaaaaaarghhhh !!!!!

the one gud thing that i did though, heard guru over and over and over .....all the while
the verdict is clear ...rahman rocks ...yet again :-)



Sushma said...

There's this sect of ppl who hate the new Bond, say he's not suave and sophisticated like 007 is supposed to be. And there's this other sect that think he's the Bond of the new generation. Having read Ian Flemmings originals, I always found that none of the Bonds were as bad as the guy in the book. I think this guy's pretty close. What say?

Sushma said...

Haven't seen it as yet. Wanted to last weekend...WRONG time to want to do anything that has limited seating. Should catch it this weekend. I thought Brosnan was the worst Bond ever!! Heard there was an Andress moment with Craig? Another movie I'm thinking of watching is The Pursuit of Happyness.

Sushma said...

Saw it yesterday. What's with the elongated love scenes!!!! No tech stuff, no high speed car chase! Liked Craig tho! He makes for a very good Bond. Everytime I thot the movie was going to end, it went on, and on, and on. Like the way it ended. No Q?! No Moneypenny? Did they come in to Fleming's books later on? Never seen a Bond movie with such crude torture mechanisms!!!