Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ways n Means ....

I have realised one truth about myself (rather musical self).

I think I am exploring new music/artists only to end up finding flaws in them and get an excuse to get back to the world of A R Rahman

My collection of music might have swelled closed to around 85 GB or so ...but the most precious are the 3-4 GB worth of music thats stored away as copies and copies of copies - which by now you might have guessed the music of the magician 'Rahman'.

His track for Taj Mahal - is yet another shining example of his brilliance. Stated to have been composed in a huff (apparently, Rahman was approached at the last hour), it goes to show how even a small effort from him is miles ahead of anyone else in the current music sphere.

Anyway .....onto some New music

Electric Ganesha
Heard 'Electric Ganesha' (prasanna) a few days back - its a pretty decent one especially the track 'Dark Sundae in Triplicane'

Young Modern
by Solverchair - must say ..they are back with a bang. a pretty good album ..though its not ur typical grungish Silverchair ...this time around. I would classify this album as Alternative ..modern rock ...
The track 'Straight Line' rocks.

Who we are
by Lifehouse .....okish album ...nuthing ground-breaking as their first self-titled album. These guys now sound the same with each passing album

Life in Cartoon Motion
by Mika ....coooooooooooool album ....Popish pop/rock :-) ....

Bono - Collected Solo works ( 6-CD).
ny Bono obviously this one is a one to cherish rocks ...specially the title song from the movie OST 'In the Name of the Father'