Thursday, July 20, 2006

I need a happy book .....

Maybe I am really bad at picking books or maybe I am bad at taking recommendations on what to read or maybe I just like reading sad books - the 3 books I have read in the past couple of months have all been so depressing -

A House for Mr. Biswas,
Fine Balance,
Anil's Ghost.

Depressed people, war, people who are victims of bad circumstances or corruption - thats all there was ...the harsh truth of life and as we all know - Truth Hurts.

Add to that the war in the middle-east ( and the stunning coverage by CNN particularly Anderson Cooper) and the other calamities (natural - tsunami or man made -war, iraq ..and violence) and you have a really depressed person i.e. me

I need a happy book now ....
Whats a Happy book though ? According to me - a happy book is something that will make me happy by way of humour or by way of telling a plain simple story which is relaxed and casual.
And so I hunt for a happy book :-) . Lets see what I find ...

I am pretty much still bored ...though I heard two albums which I had been trying to get my hands on (or ears on??) for a long time now -

Dire Straits - Live at the BBC and
Metallica Gold - acoustic

Both get a thumbs up from me :-)

Rahman and his music(new music) have completely dissappeared from the surface of this earth, it seems and so the wait continues.


Friday, July 14, 2006

The Way I see It...Starbucks

"The way I see it" series on the Starbucks coffee cups is good- ...for instance this one ...

"Change the world, but be careful how you change with it"

I like Starbucks and what they have done to the coffeee industry and drinkers (addicts???). Oh yes, their drinks are priced pretty high ...and yes there is criticism all around for them ....but still ..I like them.

One of the reasons probably why I like them - is that they promote Music - music of all kinds and forms not just by famous folks and labels but even small timers and kutti labels ...

-A (a self proclaimed sbux addict)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad day for mumbai ....and music

The date 11th July - 6 or 7 blasts in mumbai... more than 100 dead...

Just fail to understand this - just a day or so after I wrote that I believe in the existence of a power called God - I am forced to ask myself whether I was and I am right. I don't know...really don't know...

Death and such dastardly acts are becoming so common-place now ...over the past 2 days ... airplane crashes in siberia and pakistan, bombings in iraq and now mumbai ...


A sad day for music too ...Syd Barrett of Floydd died today (aged 60). He died a natural death though (diabetes being the cause). Though I think Syd hadn't recorded with Floydd beyond the early 70's, he was one of the founding members and a lead vocalist and guitarist for the band at one time. Didn't know this but the wonder number 'Shine on you crazy diamond' is supposed to be a tribute to Barrett. Anyway, a diamond he was and will be a legend in his own right ...forever


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Family & friends

Suddenly ...dunno why I feel like thanking my parents, my sister, my friends, my gal and God (yes ..I do believe in the existence of this power) - for everything and for being there for me.

Don't know how many of us who have a family and who have friends realise their importance and their role in making you, who you are and for bringing smiles to your face when you are sad and unhappy or just like that.

Aaaaah ..finally a post with no mention of music .....he he :-) I did mention when I started this blog that this will have something to do with my family ...he he ..finally I have one post :-).

Jokes apart ......
Some people might argue for the sake of arguing against this post...but nevertheless ....I feel I needed to thank there it is ..


Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Time ....

Summer is here ...
The sun is out more often ...
I can see the Bay Bridge from my window daily :-)

My first summer in California, this - and I just pray and pray that the sun shines for a long long time, this summer. Not that seattle summers were any bad - for the past 3 years, I guess we had the summer season extending almost till Oct.

Carnatic overdose
Was and being treated to an overdose of Carnatic and Carnatic fusion since the past few days. The long weekend was spent with some relatives on the east coast who really gave me and my gal some real 'shots' of Carnatic music. Time well spent and the ears well fed with that music.
Since I have been back, though, I have got my hands at some carnatic fusion stuff including Kadri Gopalnath and other artrists.
Goooool .......(Good + Cool)

Keane - Under the Iron Sea
They sound like Travis...
Wait.... they sound at times like Coldplay....
But wait again ....they sound like Starsailor too ....
Well, what the heck - all Brit groups sound like each other ..thats the conclusion I have finally arrived at....

This album is good though ...a nice one if you liked Keane's first album and if u like soft Brit Rock(or will they call it Pop ???)

Omkara - hindi OST by Vishaal
Omkara's music works ....
It works due to multiple reasons
a) The movie has a nice theme - Othello ..I guess and so the songs have to fit the mood
b) The movie is by Vishal himself and he normally gives good music for his movies
c) Vishal is a good music director
d) I just suffered a big dissapointment which goes by the name of KANK (refer to my earlier post)
e) Rahman still hasn't had a new release :-)

The last two reasons are personal ones and have nuthing absolutely to do with 'Omkara' itself :-)

Rahman - Signature tune for Worldspace
A 1 minute brilliance. Sheer magic. Hear it urself at the Worldspace India site to believe it ....
Rahman rocks ..yet again .....