Thursday, July 20, 2006

I need a happy book .....

Maybe I am really bad at picking books or maybe I am bad at taking recommendations on what to read or maybe I just like reading sad books - the 3 books I have read in the past couple of months have all been so depressing -

A House for Mr. Biswas,
Fine Balance,
Anil's Ghost.

Depressed people, war, people who are victims of bad circumstances or corruption - thats all there was ...the harsh truth of life and as we all know - Truth Hurts.

Add to that the war in the middle-east ( and the stunning coverage by CNN particularly Anderson Cooper) and the other calamities (natural - tsunami or man made -war, iraq ..and violence) and you have a really depressed person i.e. me

I need a happy book now ....
Whats a Happy book though ? According to me - a happy book is something that will make me happy by way of humour or by way of telling a plain simple story which is relaxed and casual.
And so I hunt for a happy book :-) . Lets see what I find ...

I am pretty much still bored ...though I heard two albums which I had been trying to get my hands on (or ears on??) for a long time now -

Dire Straits - Live at the BBC and
Metallica Gold - acoustic

Both get a thumbs up from me :-)

Rahman and his music(new music) have completely dissappeared from the surface of this earth, it seems and so the wait continues.



Sushma said...

Happy books? Try reading some of those Jeeves and Wooster stuff, P.G Wodehouse stuff if you can. While the story might not be happy, they kept me laughing through out. Is it possible to get a hold of a Brit book here? I'm kinda bored musically too. So no help from me there. I think I'm going Carnatic classical for a bit. Cos I am SO bored of the western scene right now.