Sunday, July 09, 2006

Family & friends

Suddenly ...dunno why I feel like thanking my parents, my sister, my friends, my gal and God (yes ..I do believe in the existence of this power) - for everything and for being there for me.

Don't know how many of us who have a family and who have friends realise their importance and their role in making you, who you are and for bringing smiles to your face when you are sad and unhappy or just like that.

Aaaaah ..finally a post with no mention of music .....he he :-) I did mention when I started this blog that this will have something to do with my family ...he he ..finally I have one post :-).

Jokes apart ......
Some people might argue for the sake of arguing against this post...but nevertheless ....I feel I needed to thank there it is ..



Rekha said...

never too late to thank family n friends... the people whom we mostly take for granted :)

PS: beautiful posts about music... looks like a huge arr fan! the worldspace ad is really awesome!