Monday, May 01, 2006

Musically Bored ........

Feel bored today. Suddenly even music is boring.....

- Heard the new album by Goo-Goo dolls-Let Love in
gud one but am bored of that

- Heard the new self-titled album by Pearl-Jam
ok one ...but am bored of that too..

- Heard a new Mallu movie OST-Rasathantram - Illayaraja
ok one ....but am bored of that too

- Fanaa and Krishh
mentioning them since I heard them this week

as expected - both of them are boring too ....

- Heard Uyir by Joshua Sridhar-couple of songs are ok ...
but am beginning to get bored of that too

- Little bored of Rahman too :-(

So as you can see really bored right now .....
and now u must be bored of this blog too ...

Pray to god that when I get up tomorrow morning ....
a new Rahman album is out for me to hear and be 'Unbored':-)

time though to



jessica said...

aww... don't worry. you'll find some new music to listen to. tried reggae? i love bob marley.

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a. taxicab
b. anything
c. pinoy
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