Sunday, November 02, 2008

Musical quest

The self styled, so called 'musical quest' ....It continues.

New discoveries ....

Annuals -
Amazing Alt Rock band .....check this out if you want to know why this band gets my approval :-)

The Ting Things
Pop-Rock at its exploratory best.....another group that gets my approval. Mind you, there are just people in this act

Fleet Foxes
Seattle based environmentally conscious pop rock. CrossbyStillsNash styled ..I would say. Glorious indeed.

The old timers ....
Snow Patrol is out with a new album ...called A Hundred Million Suns ..decent but not their best
Travis is out with a new album - Ode to J Smith ....nice album ...they sound quite different in it..worth checking out

More later ...



Anu said...

I checked out travis, like the first track..