Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sakkarakatti n JTYJN n Ada

You wil typically review something to write about the pros and cons or to describe your love/hate for something/someone.

There are several reasons why I have almost stopped reviewing ARR albums.
Primarily its due to the fact that this man is so at the top of his game that for miles n miles and miles ...there is no one in sight one in comparison to this man and the magic he creates each time he composes...
I could have also stopped reviewing due to the fact that I am just crazy about this man's music :-). So my extolment wont end if I start reviewing his albums.

Be it Ada or JTYJN and now Sakkarakatti (Tamil)- there are really no words for me to pen down since probably each song is a journey ...a lesson in its own right.

I am yet to grab my CD of the new Tamil release - so for now ..i have to limit myself to hearing the songs online .....but wow usual ARR rocks

Probably I can get myself to write a review once I have the CD.



Anu said...

I just heard Sakkarakatti.. some of the songs are from Meenakshi :( But the maestro is at his best. I loved JTYJN and ada.. again waiting for the CD's to come in!

Guppy said...

Ani... Yes, all three songs are not from Meenaxi. One does sound pretty close to the one in Rang De Basanti -but that is immaterial. I really dont mean to bash ARR - I actually love his music like I mentioned. In fact, my wife feels that I dont appreciate other music directors enough.

That being said, I am still sad that he reproduced some songs from his Hindi movie - yes, I don't know the full story. But the story I do know is that he took some of his own music and reproduced it. I listened to it just because it was Rahman - and as a fan, I have every right to feel sad that I did not listen to something original. He has raised my expectations of him to a very high degree and this reproducing of songs did not feel right. The director might have wanted it badly but as someone who has a say in what kind of music he creates (considering he is one of the great ones), I feel he should have said no.

Maybe I have been reading too much Fountain Head but I think every genius has to do things as originally as possible. Unfortunately I have elevated Rahman to such heights that I feel he should not care much about money and refuse things where he cant do original work. I am sure Rahman doesnt care too hoots about what I think but ...

Thanks for reading my blog and expressing your opinion. Again, like I said, the three original songs are just brilliant.

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