Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now Reading ....n thinking n excited

Pillars of the Earth - by Ken Folett
Actually re-reading it after 12 years ...I last read it in 1995 in a 6 day blitz (constrained by a BCL due date).

This book is so remarkably different than anything Follett has ever written (distant from his world of spy novels and thrillers) that I find it exciting to read even the second time around. The main reason I am reading it though is because I want to read its sequel ....

p.s. 'BCL' btw stands for British Council Library ...I loved those trips to the BCL at CP and I miss almost everything about Delhi now :-(

luved a book called 'Water for Elephant' - quite well written

Yet again ....where this world is headed to - rising prices a.k.a inflation, rising turmoil in almost every part of the world ....wondering how much the world has changed in just over a year ...

About the movie 'Dark Knight' releasing tonight/tomorrow- the first Batman became an instant classic in my list its only obvious that I have been waiting since then for this sequel .....

The National, ARR, Elbow and Radiohead occasionally



Anu said...

I always thought ken follet revolved around spies and thrillers.. will try to pick this up!