Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dev D ....Amit Trivedi

Have you ever had the experience of having heard a piece of music or probably an album and been "blown away" - wondering what hit you. With me an ARR album typically does that each time. 

But today I am not going to speak about ARR or his music - this blog, almost 90% of the posts speak about that:-) 
Today I am going to speak about Dev D and a certain composer called Amit Trivedi. 

Dev D - has blown me away - and I admit if there was a Indian composer after ARR that I have come to appreciate this much - its the behind Dev D - a young 29 year old composer called Amit Trivedi. Mind you - he is just 2 albums old - and which brings me to Aamir - which was his previous album - an equally powerful and startling album that. This guy Amit is here to stay ( I just pray to the music gods - that he does - just pray that he doesn' get caught up in the routine world of usually crappy Bollywood music). 

Coming back to this album now - this is not a album filled with soulful - heart-wrenching numbers. This is what I call an album where each and every track is fun - full of fun akin probably to the move theme. I doubt if these songs will even figure as full numbers in the movie - I think they will be destined to play in the background.

Will write a quick 1-line review of each track 
It goes without saying on each of these that lyrics are absolutely offbeat, might appear zany ..but hear them closely and u will understand the genious behind it.

1. Emosanal Atyachar (Brass Band version) - Whacky, fun ... sounds like a north indian marriage band 
2. Emosanal Atyachar (Rock version) - Rock-styled version of the previous albeit shorter, zanny and equally fun
3. Aankh Micholi - Electronic, fast paced, fun.
4. Dev Chanda - Theme music 1 - ..heavy bass to open with pa ra ra ...ooooo ...wonderful flute to end with
5. Dev Chanda - Theme music 2 - .. softer ..and wonderful whistles with wonderul streaks of violin in the background ..wonderful
6. Dhol Yaara Dol - I dont know how to review this one. Hear it ..its wonderful..the arrangements, shilpa rao's vocals
7. Dil Main Jaagi - Pure Blues ...and Jazz - simply amazing .....
8. Duniya - Yeh Duniya badi gol hain ....aur yeh gaana bada mast hain. The song of the moment for me. Amazing arrangement. Blew my mind away
9. Ek Hulchul Si - Wonderful Guitaring, percussion ....and cool vocals ....
10. Hiknaal - Oh ..we were missing a Punjabi number. Here comes one interlaced with some rocking guitaring ...absolutely great
11. Mahi Mennu - Another Punju number - but unclassifiable as a typical Punju number though. Classy yet again especially the beginning
12. Mahin Mennu Sad - alternate sad version
13. Nayan Tarse - Holy Cows ....from the start to end, this number takes you in a journey ...vocals, the trumpet ....the vocals top everything else
14. Paayalia - Carnatic strumming at the beginning which turns into a weirdly wonderful number with some good vocals
15. Pardesi - This has to be one of the best ones in this album - absolutely ravishing tune, arrangement and great lyrics
16. Ranjhana - A sad situational number I presume with stunning vocals and a soothing pace and feel.
17. Saali Kushi - Jazzy number a sad drunk lover I presume. 
18. Yahi Meri Zindagi - I can't review this one. This one is sheer artistry ..the music, the rhythm, the arrangements and ofcourse the singing aspect

This is one hell of a Celebration ...this album ..a Celebration of music that I have been missing from any composer except ARR. This album makes me want to believe that there is hope for Indian composers. It doesn't start and end with ARR - this guy Amit Trivedi is a complete musician .whether its the music, the rhythm, his own singing or the voices he has used.

I pray that this guy doesn't get lost in the crowd - lost in the dirty world of mundane Indian film music.

Here's to Dev D (I also recommend his previous work Aamir - that is another gem of an album which unfortunately I missed last year only to discover it now through Dev D)

Take my word for it ...hear these 2 albums ....Dev D and Aamir




Shivu said...

Yes Bro... i completely g with you... I felt the same that wat u felt. Being a ARR fan for 13 years,, Amit is someone to talk other than ARR at the moment for me. My Fav are, NAYAN TARSE,,, PAYALIYA,,, DUNIYA,,,, PARDESI...

KICK ASS album.. Dunno abt movi