Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heard and Hearing ....

Blue Umbrella - Vishaal (2006)
A great album - 3 songs and the remaining are all teeny-weeny instrumentals. For those who might not know, Vishaal is a great Director too ....if Maqbool and Omkara are enough to form an opinion. Blue Umbrella, his latest offering is a children's movie and as he does for his other movies, he gives a great score here too.

Fatboy Slim - Greatest Hits (2006)
Great collection of their hits from the yester years .... luv the song ...'Brimfull of Asha' - song dedicated to Bollywood and more accurately Asha Bhosle)

Clash - The Singles
Nothing new. Hadn't heard them in a while got this album recently and hearing them all over again.

Also hearing a lot of Salil Chaudhary .....



tanya said...

yea, its a good movie. i actually saw it in san jose. there are two theatres that are showing it here. Its called IMC6, downtown san jose. im not sure where the sound quality is the best, good luck with finding that.

Truly Rahmantic said...

since thye merged google with orkut or something like that, i always forget which one is my blogger one,haha

Aparna said...

I was reading your blog on Saturday just before going to the Carnatic Chills release. First of all, it felt nice to see a blog where every other post had Rahman's name mentioned :)
I saw the photos that you had taken when you had met Rahman at Stanford. The moment I got an opportunity to go near him, I too decided to take a photo of him up-close just like you had done. When I saw him up-close, I really got reminded of his pics that you had taken! :)