Tuesday, June 20, 2006

About Kite Runner and more

The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
A review in one word for this book would be - Fantastic

Rarely has a book caught my full attention and interest the way, this book did. 310 pages or so and all it took was around 4 hours of which the last 200 were dealt with in 2 hours - in a flight from SFO to Seattle.
Since this review is not intended to be a spoiler, all I will write is this ...

The book is set in Afghanistan during its earlier hey days and then its rough ride thanks to the Russians/Americans. Its about two little boys who are great pals, their lives as they grow up and the events that interwine their lives. - Amir and Hassan. A simple one, this book, but one that manages to keep you interested with its pace and simplicity.

A highly recommended read ...


Nuthing great that I have heard this week, got hold of a Bob Dylan-Unplugged album, pretty decent one, though obviously, I already had hear their album versions earlier.

Heard some new Hindi stuff too - the only one worth mentioning though is Strings-Bound by Faith by Zubeen Garg. Its worth a try if you want something different.

I still maintain that KANK (refer last post) is just an Ok album contrary to the great reviews and coverage its getting. Its hyped ..and surely in a big way ...thanks to the cast and the director .... Sorry... but thats my take and it will stay that way.