Thursday, March 09, 2006

Birthday cake...

a wonderful cake baked by my girl ....for my bday .....Good job ..lady ....
Not the best of birthday's healthwise though ...was in bed for the entire day with a high fever the only drinks allowed were 'hot water' and 'hot rasam' ....

I completed yet another year on this planet couple of days back.....and now have been listening to Rahman for 14 years :-)

Know what - sometimes I feel that I have made so many people listen to Rahman ..rather forced them into it ...that I feel funny about it. Well think of it ....I did them good though ...or else their lives would have been empty ..he he

And I quote Richard Corliss on rahman true this is ..

"Rahman doesn’t even write what’s thought of as world music. He writes a world of music — so broad and deep, so instantly likable and lastingly satisfying, it is the whole world. I hope that, sometime soon, our part of the world catches up with Rahman. Until we do, an important part of our internal juke box will be bereft. "

in what he refers to as "our part of the world" - he means the US ..I guesss

Hadn't written in a while ...still in bed ..not fully the normal me. But felt like writing about the cake and ofcourse Rahman :-)



Sushma said...

Belated Happy B'day! I guess it wasn't so 'happy'. Hope you get well soon :)

If ARR could get thro to the avg Amru, win an award - like an Oscar (after watching it last Sunday, its fresh on my mind), that would make him internationally famous.